Why I created Two Scoops of Crypto

Hello, I’m your YoCryptoCousin Jay Hick and I was introduced to Bitcoin in 2013. After researching studying, and investing in Bitcoin for years, I instantly knew that this was more than just a currency it was a technology that could help improve the well-being of everyday people's lives, help people that are unbanked, build credit, grow investments, make secure transactions and really spark economic growth for any individual and especially minorities and provide “Financial Hope”for the community.

Since 1863 when President Lincoln singed the Emancipation Proclamation the African American community owned less than one percent of total wealth in the United States and what’s so shocking is that we still own that same percentage of wealth, today. So, what's the alternative, how do you truly close a wealth gap, I say Bitcoin. Why Bitcoin, well this is why I wrote this book. To help spread the narrative and help empower my global community financially. In this book, you will be guided thru key explanations and reasons on why Bitcoin is a strong alternative to generational wealth building.

My personal goal is to create economic growth and development for 1 million people by providing key Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency knowledge and information. 

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